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March 31, 2011

Cupcakes of 2011- Q1

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Our kitchen calendar this year is “Hello, Cupcake” and each month has a different seasonally appropriate cupcake. I like to think that I can bake, but I’m not into fancy decorating. I prefer tasty to pretty, so this calendar poses a challenge. It doesn’t provide recipes, or even instructions, just the large picture and a smaller picture with the decorations labelled. I am planning on making all 12 cupcakes, and hopefully by December I’ll enjoy the decorating aspect as well.

January’s cupcake was a polar bear. I also made my favourite Vegan Mint Chocolate Cupcakes to compliment.

In February, it was Valentine Hearts.

And for March, the calendar called for ducks but I went with cake pops for my husband’s birthday.

He also got a delicious and very messy German Chocolate Cake.

Looking forward to my next baking adventure.


March 28, 2011

Monday Moments: Reading

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As I stand in the messy playroom and try to decide where to locate myself so that I am accessible to both children, I feel something bumping into my leg. I look down as he looks up and says “Bu” holding out Goodnight Gorilla. I ask him if he wants me to read him a book. He nods and grunts his agreement. I settle myself cross-legged on the floor, and he backs into my lap holding his book. While we read the book, he makes animal sounds that don’t always correspond with the pictures, but close enough. He turns the pages and pauses at his favourite pictures. When the book is finished, he makes his sign for “more” (hands to mouth) and we start again. 


Once a month, she comes home from school and happily empties her mail bag to show me the book order forms. I love these forms – the excitement of all the different books and the possible savings. I try to contain myself and let her decide if there’s anything worthwhile. She gets excited by Barbie books, but the level is too advanced and I’m not that keen. At the end of the flyer, we see a Fairy book that comes with a necklace. It’s decided this is the one she needs to have. I fill out the form, we return it in her mail bag and she waits. The first day back after March Break she gets off the school bus full of news. The book order is in. Once the package is opened, the necklace must be worn before we read the book. We settle in on the couch. He climbs up to see the excitement. The story of the Fairy Ballet is told. The book has since been read many times, and the necklace has been worn every day.

Brie at Capital Mom has started Monday Moments to share moments in parenting.

March 24, 2011

And so it begins

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I’m starting a blog. This is probably obvious to anyone reading this post but I keep having to remind myself that I’m actually doing it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided my birthday was as good a day as any to start.

I want to blog to record what’s going on around me and to share what I think is important. I sometimes feel that I don’t share enough of my thoughts and opinions and I want that to change. Hopefully it will help me improve as a writer and as a communicator. I also want a place to tell amusing stories about my kids and post pictures of my cupcakes.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure.

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