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June 16, 2011

Getting it Done – Stewed rhubarb and old folks

Filed under: Plans — by Alison @ 2:16 pm

Last week was a busy one for arranging things. The only problem is that I still can’t cross the items off my list. They’ve been scheduled but not completed, so I added them to the top of the list.

On a positive front, the vegetable patch has been tamed.

A lovely box of dirt.

 All the weeds have been removed and the rhubarb trimmed. The left half was overgrown with weeds, maybe flowers and the nicest grass in the backyard, and the right side was a very scary rhubarb patch.  I made stewed rhubarb with the edible pieces (not the leaves, they’re poisonous) and removed one rotten plant. It needs some fresh soil and possibly plants, but it still looks a lot better now.

In other big news, we’ve found childcare for the fall. There is a small daycare centre in the seniors residence near us, part of an intergenerational concept that I get a kick out of. The place is bright, the outdoor space is great, the staff seemed friendly and engaged and my son really enjoyed his visit. It meant that we had to arrange afterschool care for my daughter somewhere else. With the help of family, friends and the daycare provider across the street we’ve got it covered. I suppose if those arrangements fall through I can always start working 7-3.

The family picture wall project is coming along. I took the suggestion to visit IKEA and stocked up on frames. The old pictures have been taken down, and re-framed. Now we need to hang them. I have some layout ideas, but playoff hockey and a new video game derailed our plans yesterday.

The list:

  • Replace deck
  • Replace bathroom sink
  • New front door
  • Drapes for front windows and dining room
  • Fix family picture wall
  • Clean up vegetable patch
  • Plant something in vegetable patch
  • Create organized craft cupboard – Super Sara will help in July, she promised 😉
  • Arrange child care for the fall  Need to bring in paperwork
  • Use restaurant gift certificates

I think the list may actually have gotten longer, but I feel there’s been progress. How do you handle those tasks that drag on?


  1. You bake cake in any form and I will be there to organize 🙂

    Comment by Sara — June 18, 2011 @ 2:13 pm |Reply

    • It’s a deal! I’ll make the cake as pink as I can 🙂

      Comment by Alison — June 20, 2011 @ 10:22 pm |Reply

  2. You call them “in progress”

    I’ll come over and help you with your picture wall 🙂 Esp in July (childcare DROUGHT in July 😉

    Comment by Lara Wellman — June 18, 2011 @ 10:21 pm |Reply

    • Works for me. I also have to put up some decals I bought last winter, if you’re interested in helping. I can also help with some things on your list, I’m not so bad with windows.

      Comment by Alison — June 20, 2011 @ 10:23 pm |Reply

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