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July 6, 2011


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I was feeling ignored and friendless earlier. Social media was making me want to be anti-social and curl up in a little ball. Why should I keep asking people to do stuff with me when they obviously aren’t interested? They’re busy with cooler friends, just look at their tweets or Facebook updates.  I’m not part of the gang, and even when I think I am I get forgotten about. Which makes me feel worse, so why even bother. (pout, pout, pout).

I found out someone I really admire and would like to be better friends with has moved here. I was excited, I searched for her work number and was set to call. Then the doubts came.  She probably doesn’t want to talk to me, it’s been awhile since we saw each other. She’s busy if she just got here. She has enough friends she doesn’t need you.

I got busy worrying about what her supposed reaction would be that I hadn’t thought about what I wanted out of the phone call. I realized, I wanted her to know I was glad she moved and that I would be happy to get together. I didn’t need her to do anything. I wasn’t expecting anything from her.

The excitement came back and I called.


Am I doing things because I’m expecting a response from others or am I doing something because I want to and it makes me happy. If I want to make cupcakes for someone’s birthday, I should just do it and not worry that they’ll think we’re not good enough friends for that. If I want to ask a friend for coffee, even if they’re busy, I should because I want them to know I care and I’m here if they need it. I needn’t think that I’m not important to them. If they’re important to me, that’s all that matters.

Am I not doing things because I’m afraid of what people will think. If I want people to include me, maybe I should just ask. If I want to attend an event, I shouldn’t worry people will think I don’t belong.

I’m going to try to do things for the right reasons. It’ll be an adventure for sure, wish me luck.


  1. It’s hard figuring out what you want and having the courage to do it for just that reason. But good for you because I think it’s important.

    Also, I spend a lot of time worrying that I’m being an airhead and not remembering people and forgetting to include people I want around. Just in case it’s of interest, I really like having you around and think we should do stuff more often 🙂

    Comment by Lara — July 6, 2011 @ 11:14 pm |Reply

  2. This is awesome. I totally get what you are feeling. I often feel it myself. Which is why I am often around then not around. 🙂 We should discuss more. Maybe over pierogies.

    Comment by Capital Mom — July 8, 2011 @ 1:15 pm |Reply

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