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August 2, 2011

Adventures in Social Media

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I recently had the good fortune to attend the inaugural Social Capital Conference held in Ottawa. I had a family commitment in the morning, so missed the first two sessions. Luckily, I was there in time for lunch.

I was sorry to miss The Words Behind the Story: The art of writing a blog. I enjoy the blogs written by both the presenters and was hoping to gain from their knowledge and experience.

The session I did attend on blog monetization was very interesting. I don’t think I’m at the stage where ads make sense for me, but other opportunities for writing were also discussed. I think the best take home message was from Rebecca – treat your blog as a résumé, make sure it reflects you.

The roundtables were probably my favourite part of the day. These were great opportunities for informal discussions on a variety of topics. Many of the sessions were held in the comfortable lounge areas, so it felt like friends chatting together rather than a formal presentation. The leads had a little blurb about the topic and then there were great facilitated discussions.

Kathy Buckworth as the closing speaker captured the mood of the conference very well. It was the first time I’ve heard her speak, and I thought her presentation was fun, while still providing insight into social media.

I’m lucky enough to be friends with some of the organizers, and I know how much work they put into the one-day event. It was a huge success and I hope they repeat it next year. The one thing missing for me was a catchy and engaging mascot.

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