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September 14, 2011

Getting it done- Summer list is over

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It seems that summer has ended, and I have decided to retire my summer to-do list. Some items are migrating to the fall list. But others will have to be retired. The gardening and landscaping of the backyard was not finished, and may never be 😉

We celebrated the end of summer with a great BBQ. There ended up being too many people to dance on the deck, but the cupcakes made up for it.

The summer list:

  • Replace deck
  • Replace bathroom sink
  • Fix up front door (fall)
  • Drapes for front windows and dining room (fall)
  • Fix family picture wall
  • Clean up vegetable patch
  • Plant something in vegetable patch (not going to happen)
  • Create organized craft cupboard – supplies purchased (fall)
  • Arrange child care for the fall
  • Use restaurant gift certificates
  • Book hotel for U2 concert
  • Book hotel in Montreal
  • Book hotel in Tremblant
  • Get plans drawn up for kitchen reno project – ON HOLD
  • Stain pretty new deck
  • Landscape around pretty new deck (NGTH)
  • Host BBQ/dance party

The fall list:

  • Fix up front door
  • Blinds for dining room
  • Paint kitchen
  • Replace kitchen floor
  • Purge baby gear
  • Basement landing
  • Tidy basement storage
  • Sell house

Anything exciting planned for your fall?



September 12, 2011

In each other’s arms -Monday Moments

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You stand in each other’s arms. Family and friends stand at the edge of the floor, like well-dressed paparazzi. You don’t seem to notice. The song playing is one you chose, you know all the words but I’m not sure you’re hearing them. All that matters is that you’re in each other’s arms.

Congratulations to my sister and new brother-in-law. It was a beautiful wedding.

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September 11, 2011

what am i doing wrong?

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Why am I never the one she chooses?  Why doesn’t she pick me? What am I doing wrong?
My daughter spent the majority of my sister’s wedding hanging off one of the bridesmaids. She held her hand to dance, she asked her to carry her when she was tired. If I asked my little girl if she wanted to dance, I was ignored. She wasn’t interested in what I had to offer. And now tonight, after an emotional outburst due to overtiredness, she’s crying out for my sister’s friend. I tried to comfort her, but was asked to leave.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m tired of never being the favourite. Tired of having my open arms in the morning pushed away. Tired of being rejected by a 5-year-old.

Does she not feel comforted by me? Am I not fun enough with her? I am not showing her enough love? Why does my little girl, who is so important to me, act like everyone else is more important than me?

Is there a way I can make this better? I’m working on my patience and trying to be gentler in my voice and attitude. I hope this isn’t permanent, I hope that next time I’m the one she wants to dance with.

 And I just lost my temper, there was screaming and door slamming. I can see why she doesn’t want to be with me, I don’t like me much either. I need to be a better mother, she deserves more than this.

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