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November 30, 2011

Nablopomo-ed out

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I did it. I wrote a daily post for the entire month of November. Not all of them are stellar, but there a few that I’m proud of.

It confirmed for me that I enjoy having a blog, and being part of the blogging community. And that trying to write a blog post every night after 8pm is difficult. I need to try to do my writing earlier in the day, or write more than one post at a time.

My earlier goal was to try for 3 updates a week, I think that’s reasonable. I like participating in Capital Mom’s Monday Moments, and I’ll do those when I have a moment that fits the theme. Other than that, I’ll try to find two other interesting things to talk about a week. Shouldn’t be too hard as we move in less than 5 weeks. For December I have the 25 Days of Christmas to look forward to. The calendar/tree went up today and both kids were very excited. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning when they’ll reveal the first activity.

Thank you all for reading my daily babblings, and I hope you’ll stick around for less frequent updates.



November 29, 2011

Questions raised by some of our favourite bedtime stories

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I may have read too many kids books lately, or maybe I’m concerned about some of the details so I don’t focus on other things, but there are a few things I can’t quite reconcile in some of our bedtime stories.

In Make Way for Ducklings, why does Mr. Mallard get to take a week off to explore the river so soon after the ducklings are born? Could he have not gone earlier? He swims off, so I think the lack of wing feathers aren’t the issue. And as he goes, he tells Mrs. Mallard to take good care of the ducklings. If he really cared, don’t you think he would have hung around to help out with the 8 new babies. And if it only takes Mrs. Mallard a few pages to get from their island to the Park, all the while herding 8 ducklings, did he really need to leave for a week?

Then there’s Tom Crean’s Rabbit. On the surface this is a lovely story of how Tom the Sailor finds a nest for his rabbit right before Christmas dinner. The rabbit gives birth later that night “17 rabbits, one for each of my friends. Well nearly.” Are all the sailors going to keep the rabbits as pets? I don’t think so. And what happened to the male rabbit, was he part of the festive meals?

The Runaway Train has me completely confused as to the path of the railway. I don’t see how getting on a boat to chase a train is a good idea. Why didn’t the truck (sorry, lorry) just get on the tracks and follow the train until they caught up? Also, are there really helicopters flying around the English countryside low enough to be waved down?

And what about the odd animal treatment in Curious George and the Puppies. First George helps reunite the mother dog with one of her lost puppies. Everyone rejoices that the puppy is found and reunited with his family. Not one second later the animal shelter director offers a puppy to George, separating the family again. How does she possibly think it’s a good idea for a monkey to look after a dog? Seems like a very shoddy work for an animal shelter.

So far I’m not having any concerns with Your Personal Penguin because really, that idea is so incredible. I’d love to have my own penguin that makes me hot chocolate and doesn’t like living in the ice.

November 28, 2011

Closed – Monday Moments

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I still rock H to sleep before his naps. We read a story , or seven, close the blinds, close the door, turn on the music and rock in the rocking chair.

He’s getting heavier now. His legs hang over my arm, and I need to support him on my lap. He used be small enough to support in one arm.

But the thing that hasn’t changed is the way he snuggles his head in the crook of the arm. Or the way his eyes slowly close, and open again to make sure he hasn’t missed anything. Or the way, if I stroke his forehead, his eyes will close completely.

That’s when I can put him down in his crib and get started on my afternoon chores. But some days, I sit a little longer, watch his closed eyes and try to make sure that my eyes don’t close too.


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A lot of the writing prompts don’t resonate with me, but the one from a few days ago did. Do you enjoy being alone?  Would you rather be around other people?

My answer is yes to both. There are times when I crave being alone, when I just want to be by myself and do whatever I want. Even if all that I want to do is sit and do nothing. I enjoy the silence and stillness. This is probably why I stay up later than I should. Just to get that downtime.

But then again, I like to be with people. It energizes me to have a fun night out with friends. It’s great to connect with people, and know that others care about you and are there for you. I usually end up staying too late at these things too.

I guess the thing is I like being alone or with others as long as I don’t feel lonely. I guess the thing is, no what how many people are around I want to feel that it’s my choice.

November 26, 2011

Challenge for this week

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Last week I challenged myself to sort through one box a day. Thanks to the great advice of Margarita, and some help from my sister, I was able to sort through more than 7 boxes. There are still boxes to go through, and I need to bring the donations to their intended recipients. Overall, I’m going to say this challenge was a success.

This week I’m adding something else to the challenge. I need to deal with the pile of ironing. There are shirts in the basket that I wore before I was pregnant with my 2 year old son. If I schedule this for 45 minutes a day, it’ll be gone by Friday. Wonder what else I’ll find in there? 🙂

Day 1

November 25, 2011

Fun on a Friday

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This week seems to have gone on forever. During this incredibly long week, there was a lot of fantastic news going on around me. From baby announcements to good health, it’s been a good week.

To keep up the positive mood, here a few of my favourite things.

Catalog Living: More often that not I want to visit with Gary and Elaine, but it also makes me think of my aunt and uncle. This is kind of what I think living with them since they’ve been retired is like.

Suri’s Burn Book. It’s like Go Fug Yourself but about celebrity kids. I sometimes feel guilty about the fact that they’re kids, but then I laugh and get over it.

Delicious holiday food:



I have followed this writer for a while, and love her take on pop-culture. It also makes me feel intellectual to be able to quote National Public Radio.

My friend Lara is describing people in her life in 50 words. It’s an honour to have been written about, she forgot a few descriptive words (ahem..awesome) but otherwise I like it. I may even start using it as my bio.

Anything brighten up your week that you want to share?



November 24, 2011

What’s in your Christmas cookie jar?

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Holiday baking is one of my favourite parts of the holidays. I have a few old favourites and I try to add a new one every year. Here’s what’s on my baking calendar.

1. Gingerbread cookies. I usually make classic gingerbread men, piped in white icing. This year I saw the Gingerbread star tree on the cover of Chatelaine, and if I can find the various sizes of star cookie cutters in time, I’ll make this as the centerpiece for Christmas.

2. Sugar cookies. These are my favourite. I have a refrigerated cookie dough, that we roll out in various shapes and ice liberally with butter icing. Stars and trees are te favourite as they have the best cookie to icing ratio.

3. Toffee squares. Shortbread base, covered with caramelized condensed milk and chocolate. Favourite part of this is the left over caramelized condensed milk. I could probably eat a whole can of that.

4. Chocolate truffles. Condensed milk and chocolate, in ball form.

5. Chocolate fudge. Condensed milk and chocolate, in square form.

6. Peppermint bark. Love this, so easy to make and looks impressive.

7. Gingerbread house. I just buy the kit, as we don’t usually eat anything other than the candy.

I still need to find something new to add. Any suggestions?

November 23, 2011

Deciding to do something

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Yesterday something very upsetting happened on Twitter. Thankfully, it ended happily.

A gentleman I do not know was seriously contemplating suicide and posted a goodbye letter to his family and friends. People were retweeting his message and trying to find him. These tweets left me with a nervous knot in my stomach. The one that comes from the anxiety of not being able to do anything. I watched the twitter stream for a few minutes, feeling more and more anxious. And then I realized there was something I could do.

I called the police. Not 911, because this person was not in my city, but the general police line. I explained that someone I do not know posted a suicide threat on Twitter. The officer I spoke with took it seriously, and found me the number of the correct police department. I called that police department, explained myself again and again was taken seriously and listened to. The officer told me that they had already received a call and were actively pursuing it.

The gentleman was found and is now hopefully receiving the help he so desperately needs.

I might not have actually done anything, but it did help dissolve my knot of anxiety. So here’s my little PSA, suicide threats are taken seriously by the police. Even if you don’t have a lot of information, the police know what to do. If you are in the same city, call 911 – it is a life threatening emergency. It’s better to over react to these things than to assume that someone else will deal with it.


November 22, 2011

Advertising campaigns and funny friends

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Recently Lara described herself in 50 words, and included this line “Likes to think she’s pretty funny but if nothing else, she amuses herself.” The thing is she really amuses me too. I’ve decided to share a recent exchange we had, so everyone can decide for themselves.

We were talking about the free samples we’d received of a popular anti-nausea OTC medication. I thought that they couldn’t give away anything with actual medicine in it, so that’s why I’d gotten the herbal variety. She’d gotten the regular kind and had no idea what I was talking about. I sent her this picture:

My free sample.

Her response: That sounds like [anti-nausea medication] from a historical novel.

And so I ran with it. I think this could be a very successful advertising campaign. There’s a whole return to nature and simpler times vibe that I think would really sell.

Commercial for Historically accurate [anti-nausea medication]

Scene: Prairies, windswept  willow trees, wagon coming along bumpy path pulled by two horses. Man and woman are sitting on the wagon bench.

Voice from inside the wagon: Ma, my tummy hurts.

Another smaller voice: Mine too Ma.

Ma: Pull over Pa, I see a willow tree. We needs to tend to the children.

Wagon stops. Woman gets off, goes around to the back of the wagon. Man goes to the willow tree and peels some bark.

Sky is darker, woman is boiling water over fire. Children are propped up against blanket rolls. Woman brings ladle over to children.

Ma: Here now children, drink this. It’ll settle your stomachs and help you sleep.

Older child: What is it Ma?

Ma: Just some ginger and willow bark.

Fade to black, open on second scene

Scene: Modern bedroom. Child in bed

Child: Mommy, my tummy hurts.

Mom: (carrying water and a tablet) It’s okay sweetheart take this it’ll settle your stomach and help you sleep.

Child: What is it?

Mom: Just some ginger and willow bark.

Voice over: Trust the herbal remedies that have been used for centuries, with our historically accurate anti-nausea medication.

I really felt we should aim for the Little House on the Prairies nostalgia, but in the mock-ups Lara had her oldest son prepare of the characters, she went for more of a Ren Fair aesthetic. We’re working out details, but will pitching this idea soon.

So are we funny or what?

November 21, 2011

Good night in 50

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I am tired. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact. It’s my own fault because I’ve been staying up too late.  Instead of trying to get through everything this evening, I am going to tidy up and go to bed. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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