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November 4, 2011

Quick trip to the doctor’s

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I really like my doctor’s office. We’ve been going to the office since the birth of my daughter. My doctor at the time wouldn’t take her on as a patient, so we switched to my husband’s doctor. I’m so happy we did.

My doctor is part of a Family Health Team. There are other physicians, nurse practitioners, a dietician, a psychologist and others that I can access all within the office. Two of the doctors specialize in obstetrics, so I saw one of them for my pregnancy with my son. The office staff is also great. They’re always friendly and helpful. If there aren’t any appointments available, they’ll check with their Affiliated Family Health Team for us.

One of the fun parts of visiting the doctor is trying to guess how many “doctors” we’ll see. It’s a teaching clinic, part of the rotations from the University of Ottawa, so there are always students and residents around. One time we saw a resident, the supervising doctor (our ‘real’ doctor), a student, another doctor with specialization in our issue and the nurse. They ended up having to call CHEO for us, and got us in to the CHEO clinic before we’d even left the office.

Today was no exception to the excellent service and treatment we receive at the office. My son has had a nasty cough for about two weeks, so I called the office this morning to see if I could book an appointment. I called at 10:30, booked an appointment for 11. We made it to the office with 2 minutes to spare, saw the doctor and were home by 11:30. Now if only I could get my son to like going to the doctor’s, as much as I do 😉


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  1. I love my doctor and the care we get from her but going to see her is generally a three hour affair with parking to pay on top of that. Blech. Glad you got in and out so fast and I hope the little monkey’s cough improves soon!

    Comment by Lara — November 4, 2011 @ 11:23 pm |Reply

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