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December 13, 2011

Now you are six

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I haven’t really accepted that you are six. Six seems big, we need both hands to show off your age. I shouldn’t really be surprised by this, or maybe it just seems that since you’ve been in grade one you’re already into that school-aged category. There are so many wonderful things about you at six. You have a very strong sense of loyalty, and will defend your friends when you feel they are being slighted. You also have a strong sense of how things should be done, deviation from the school routine is not met well. I believe you have straightened out a few supply teachers who have dared alter the regular way things are done. Once you’ve decided on a course of action, it’s hard to deter you. It’s also hard to convince you that you’re sometimes wrong. I’m not sure why I get into those discussions with you, but I am a better source of information that your classmate on world events or the Senators.

You are also learning and growing so much. Your reading, writing and comprehension are such fun to witness. It’s wonderful to see you pick up books you struggled with a few nmonths ago and read them with ease. You’ve put a lot of effort into your school work and deserve to feel proud of your accomplishments. You’ve also started dancing, and while you may have inherited my sense of rhythm, you do show a joy while you dance that’s a real treat. Seeing you perform at the senior’s residence last week brought me to tears.

It isn’t always easy between you and me. We’re too similar in some ways. Those are the qualities I love about you, I just don’t want them to cause you problems later. So, I’ll work to help you temper some of your impulses to make things a bit smoother.

But I love you so much. I love that you want to wake up your brother in the morning so that he hugs you first. I love that you think your friend controls the snow. I love that you still call us Mommy and Daddy. I love the way you move your hands when you talk. I love that you want to act our your stories for me so that I understand them better. I love that you create these really elaborate “maybe they” scenarios about completely random things.

I love all of you.

This upcoming year will be one of change. We’re moving and leaving our large and loving extended family here. You’ll be switching schools in the middle of the year. I hope that through all of this, you’ll be okay. You’re strong and loving, and I want to keep you protected and safe. So Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter. I love you sweetheart.


December 7, 2011

Starting our 25 Days of Christmas

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I’ve joined in with Andrea and her 25 Days of Christmas. 

I did some brainstorming with E for things she wanted to do before Christmas, and asked if her birthday activities should count or if they’re separate. She decided that birthday activities were distinct, which meant I had to come up with 3 other activities.

Here are our activities:

– Watch a Christmas movie or show

– Have a special cup of hot chocolate

– Write letters to Santa

– See the Nutcracker Ballet (December 3rd)

– Have a glass of eggnog x 2

– Make snowflakes

– Listen to Christmas music

– Put up the snowman

– Buy candy for the gingerbread house

– Decorate the gingerbread house

– Decorate cookies

– Buy the Christmas tree (December 10th)

– Make up a dance to Christmas music

– Bring out the Christmas dishes

– Buy a toy for Toy Mountain

– Have a candy cane for dessert

– Get our picture taken with Santa

– Read a Christmas story at bedtime x 2

– Make a snowman (or set up Inflatable Penguin on lawn)

– Go to school Christmas concert (December 23rd)

– See the lights on Taffy Lane (December 24th)

– Celebrate with family (December 25th)

We’re short one activity, as we were supposed to have an early Christmas with my brother’s family but there was a mix-up over their travel dates.

Only a few of our activities have specific dates, and we need to buy the candy before we can decorate the gingerbread house, so I labelled those cards as well. I made a Christmas tree out of bristol board and my sister made the tin foil star. Then I wrote out our activities on cue cards, covered them with wrapping paper and stuck them on the tree. The whole thing is on the kitchen wall. The kids take turns choosing an activity. I’m not sure H really knows what we’re doing, but he likes pulling them off the tree.

So far, we’ve written our letters to Santa, seen the Nutcracker, watched Wee Sing Christmas (this is E’s favourite movie), made snowflakes, put up the snowman, had a special cup of hot chocolate, and danced to Christmas music. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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