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March 30, 2012

Looking forward to next year

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I started this blog last year on my birthday, and now it’s a year old. Which means that I had a birthday last week, for those who remembered – Thank you. For those who didn’t – you are dead to me.

A birthday is a start of a new year. The past year has been filled with a lot of big changes. I was planning on returning to work, but we ended up moving across the continent. I was hoping to get healthy and back to my goal weight. There was good progress in this, but we ended up moving across the continent. It’s a pretty handy excuse. I have a lot of hope and excitement about the upcoming year. I’m setting a few goals for myself and I’ll report back regularly.

Here we go.

Blog more frequently I’ve spent more time thinking about writing than actually writing. I hope to change this, and write at least twice a week. I have a lot of opinions on various issues, and I want to share this.

Get healthy – A few years back, before I got pregnant, I lost a significant amount of weight with Weight Watchers. I was exercising regularly and playing sports. I want to get back to this. I’ve decided to try roller derby. There’s a lot of opportunities for it in Seattle.

Be social– It’s tough not having my friends close. It’s easier to decide to stay in, then to actual put myself out there and meet new people. However, being social and interacting with people makes me a happier person. Not sure how to set a specific goal for this, I’m hoping to have at least one social outing every other week.

Stay connected– There may be over 4000 km separating me from my friends physically, but that’s not really a deterrent. I will continue to be a part of their lives, as long as they’ll let me. Well, except for those that forgot my birthday (see first paragraph).

Explore more– Seattle has a lot of interesting sounding neighbourhoods, and apparently beaches. I want to try to see more of it, and the surrounding area.

I have other little goals for myself: I want to see more movies, I want to learn something, I want to get my Washington State drivers license, I want to make more homemade food.

It looks likes it’s shaping up to be a good year.


March 9, 2012

I’d rather stay in

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We live across the street from a park. When people find this out, they always say something along the lines of “Oh, isn’t that wonderful. You must be here all the time.” And I reply “It’s great, we really like playing here.” See how I didn’t actually respond to what they were asking. But I didn’t lie. We do like playing at the park, but in general we’d rather stay inside.

It’s not hard to get to the park, we do need to cross at the traffic lights. It’s a very busy street and the park is walled, so the easy entrance is at the traffic light corner. And it’s not that I refuse the kids if they ask, they just don’t really ask. I’ll offer to take them, especially on the weekend when they’ve had a lot of together time. And I’m happy to stop after school if E’s friends want to go. But I’d be just as happy to head home and have them play inside.

One of the things that Seattle has going for it, is the lack of winter. So far, it’s a lot like a nice Ottawa November all the time. The sky is usually gray, with the sun peeking out occasionally. It’s warm enough to not need to bundle up, but not warm enough that you don’t need a coat for playing outside. The middle school kids would disagree with me, as they seem to wear shorts all the time. I haven’t quite figured out the best coat and accessories combination so that I’m comfortable. Often I’m over heating and my fingers are cold. All of this combines to encourage me to stay inside with my slippers on and a warm cup of tea nearby. Maybe if I brought my tea with me to the park, I’d enjoy it more.

If anyone has any good fall wardrobe tips that will help me enjoy the park more, please share. Otherwise I’ll happily stay inside until there’s reliable sun.

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