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May 29, 2012

Hilights of the week – May 27th

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The hilights are a little late due to a wonderful Memorial Day weekend spent in Portland. More on that later, but the dream of the 90’s is still alive there.

1. The kids loved getting their haircuts.

2. Strawberry icing made with real strawberries.

3. Seeing kids do archery in the park.

4. Lots of support after this post

5. Road trip to Portland, and the hotel had an incredible pool.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.


May 24, 2012

Time to get serious

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200. That’s the number on the scale this morning. That’s the number that I swore I wouldn’t reach, unless I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant. In March, I said I was going to get healthy. That’s not a healthy number. It’s actually borderline obese, and according to Health Canada that puts me a high risk of developing health problems. Now,I’m not all about numbers on a scale defining healthy, but it’s a darn good indicator when it shows that I’ve gained 30 lbs in the past year. And there’s no reason for that weight gain, other than eating unhealthily and being lazy.

The scale isn’t the only thing showing me there’s an issue. I can’t wear my wedding ring. My clothes don’t fit well and I don’t have many summer clothing options. I’m not sleeping well, I have a lack of energy and some days walking up the hills leaves me panting. All signs that I need to get into gear and get serious about my health and weight.

I want to lose 45 lbs. That’s within a healthy weight range, and a bit above my weight before kids. I think that’s reasonable and achievable. I’m not going to try any crazy diet plans or hope to lose all the weight in 6 weeks. My goal is for 1-2 lbs a week, about 5 lbs a month. By March 1, 2013 I should be at my goal weight. I’m committing to Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. For exercise, I’m continuing with roller derby at least once a week, and will start the Couch to 5k program as well as the 200 squats challenge and maybe the 200 situps or plank a day program.

March 2013 seems a long time from now, and I’ll need motivation along the way. More motivation that feeling healthier and weighing less. To support this I’ve created some milestone rewards.

5 lb loss: Purchase new book (and not from the free kindle section)

10 lb loss: Toms shoes, probably these

20 lb loss: Hair cut and style

30 lb loss: ??

40 lb loss: ??

Goal weight: Outlet shopping spree

I’ll add the other rewards when I think of them. To help me along the way, I’m going to be posting every two weeks about this.

May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – Haircuts

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Not fully sold on the concept.


All done.

May 20, 2012

Hilights of the week – May 20th

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Around 4:30 yesterday it looked like our evening was ruined. There were tears, tantrums and much frustration. Miraculously by 5:15 we pulled ourselves together, everyone calmed down and apologies were made and all was back on track.

Then last night, as I lay in bed holding E’s hand in the bunk above me, and awkwardly holding H who had decided he needed to sleep on my belly button, it hit me: I was content and happy. Life is good and that was the definite hilight of the week.

Other good things this week included a long Skype chat with a friend, happy employment news for my brother, afternoon tea with other school moms, afterschool donuts and the discovery of banked track roller derby.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

May 14, 2012

Hilights of the week – May 13th

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1. I’m able to turn around (very slowly) on my roller skates.

2. Sunshine and flowering trees.

3. Kitschy Bavarian towns with German folk dancing and Maypoles.

4. Goat’s milk gelato and a lovely walk with E.

5. Donuts and coffee for breakfast on Mother’s Day.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

May 10, 2012

My 7 shots

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I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots., after being tagged by both Lara and Nicki a few weeks ago.

Takes my breath away

The gardens of the Alcázar in Seville were beautiful. The flowers were so compelling that even an active 2-year-old had to stop and admire.

Makes me laugh or smile

My husband’s love for Star Wars is no secret and his great wish was to have a real Stormtrooper costume. When the helmet came in the mail, he was so excited he even wore it to watch TV. I have this as my phone screen saver and it makes me smile every time.

Makes me dream

I dream of sunny days and calm waters.

Makes me think

When H was born he had bilirubinemia, high white blood cell and bilirubin. He was severely jaundiced and they also thought he might have an infection. He was taken to the Special Care Nursery and put under intense light therapy and given antibiotics as a precaution. He later was given blood products to increase his red blood cell count. All of this was done by caring doctors and nurses, who explained everything to us and were supportive. My doctor checked in on us the whole time I was in the hospital and made a point to follow-up with the pediatrician responsible for H. This picture makes me think of all the people who were involved in making sure my little guy was okay, and how lucky we are to have the healthcare system in Canada that we do.

Makes my mouth water

Fries, gravy and cheese all served in a styrofoam container and eaten with a plastic fork. Do I really need to say anymore?

Tells a story

I treated E to a Starbucks milkshake in the Toronto airport before we boarded our flight to Seattle. We had a long layover and the kids were getting a bit bored. E asked to take off her shoes, so H took off his shoes and socks. She decided to sit on the window ledge, so he sat down right beside her an asked for some of her drink. I hope that their love continues to grow, that she continues to be his protector and he continues to be her biggest fan.

I am most proud of

The sunset from our ferry ride between Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden. The Baltic Sea was stunning. I’ll also admit that my husband probably took this photo.

The last part of this game is to tag five other people, but I think everyone I know has been asked to play already. Instead here are links to some other photo sets that I really enjoyed





May 1, 2012

Cold refreshment not illegal drugs

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I’ve mentioned before that I one of my favourite discoveries in Seattle has been Mexican Coke. When Lara asked me what exactly it was and set me a link that extolls roller skating over drugs, I realized I should set the record straight.

The move to the Pacific Northwest has not led me to illegal narcotics. Just wonderful sugar filled glass bottles of deliciousness.

Mexican Coke, fresh from the store.

This is pure cane sugar (no HFCS) 355 mL coke bottles. With the lovely green glass. It’s bottled in Mexico, and the store labels it as Mexican Coke. There is something so much more satisfying drinking Coke from a glass bottle: there’s less carbonation, it keeps it temperature better, I feel like I belong with the Outsiders (without the violence).

I don’t usually drink a lot of soft drinks, but this beverage is so delicious that we’ve had to limit the number we buy to 3 a week. And if I keep up with my getting healthy plan, I think I’ll have to cut back even more.

But for now, I’ll make sure there are a few of these in our recycling every week.

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