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June 21, 2012

Repeating the cycle: Update #2

Filed under: Plans,Weight loss — by Alison @ 4:39 pm

My first update was so exciting to write. I’d had a big success after a very positive week and I was feeling in control. The last two weeks have been the opposite. The scale reads a 3 lb gain, but in reality it’s a 5 lb gain followed by a 2 lb loss.

I have a lot of excuses for this. We had family visiting, which meant meals out and a missed derby practice. The kids aren’t settling to sleep well, this stresses me out and then I want to snack on chocolate in the evening. I’m tired. I’m hormonal. I deserve a treat because it’s the start of summer. But really it all boils down to self-pity and lack of self-control.

The next two weeks I’m going to work on increasing self-control and decreasing self-pity. If we go out to eat, I will choose the healthiest option even if that’s a salad with chicken breast. If I want to snack on chocolate or have a treat, I need to earn the points first. If I’m tired, I’ll go to sleep.

With E finished school for the summer, I’ve dropped my daily walk. I need to schedule this back into my day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the overall goal, and I need to be able to make changes to my coping behaviours so that this isn’t a constant loop of good weeks and bad weeks. I want to able to have treats with the family, but not use those treats as an excuse to binge.

I’m going to be back home for three weeks, and if I can’t get some sort of healthy routines going before then I’m sure it’ll be a very unhealthy vacation. Wish me luck in the next two weeks.


  1. I can so relate Ali!!! Hang in there! Life as a Mom is the best, as we both well know, but can be exhausting! The first thing I notice to be squeezed out of my daily routine is my exercise plan. After that goes, the guilt begins and then the snacks start. My new course of action was to move the boys into one bedroom so that I could claim Tanner’s former room for my treadmill and a new elyptical. Now my goal is to keep using them before work & the craziness of each new day starts! I figure that it will also help to remove the chance of guilt and snacking as it will get each day started on the right track!

    Comment by Tammy Forbes — June 25, 2012 @ 11:29 pm |Reply

    • Yep, the relationship between guilt and snacking is a strong one. When I’m feeling more positive the less I want to snack. I love your morning routine plan and I’m sure the boys are enjoying sharing a room together. I know my two love it.

      Comment by Alison — June 28, 2012 @ 5:50 pm |Reply

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