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September 27, 2012

Motivated by the stopwatch

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Last week in derby practice we did timed laps. One of the WFTDA minimum skills requirements is 25 laps in 5 minutes. A lap is about 180 ft, roughly 55 m. I might have my calculations off, but one of the issues is that the inside and outside oval aren’t completely aligned. It doesn’t seem that way when you’re skating but the diagram is clear. And now that I know it makes sense that passing going in to the corners is so tough.

Before we did the 25 in 5, we all did 5 lap sprints. My times for both were pretty good.

5 laps (275 m)- 53 seconds

25 laps (1375 m)-  4:23 (263 seconds)

During the 5 lap sprint, I fell trying to pass someone on the corner. Next time, I’m aiming for under 50 seconds and I’d love to get my 25 lap time down closer to 4 minutes.

In a wonderful coincidence, I found the notebook where I kept my speed skating ability meet times. It’s fun to compare these to the derby times.

The speed skating track is 111 m. The traditional distances are 500 m (4.5 laps), 1000 m (9 laps and a bit), and 1500 m (13.5 laps). For the ability meets I was skating in, our distances were 333 m, 500 m, 666 m or 777 m.

In my first meet ever, I did 500 m in 1:21.30. My personal best, 2 years later was 1:02.91. I also managed to reduce my 666 m and  777 m times by 10 seconds each. My best time for 333 m was 43.83 seconds, maybe I should aim for that on derby skates.

The funniest part about looking over my times, was how many of them noted that I had fallen. It seems the faster I was getting, the less in control I was. And that was the same feeling I had being timed last week, I love going all out and seeing what happens. I’m not worried about falling, I do worry about taking other people out, but there weren’t many of us on the track at a time, so it’s okay.

I want to feel fast and trust that I’m in control. I think it’s a good way to be 🙂

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