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October 31, 2012

October scrimmage recap

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I love our monthly scrimmages. A few weeks before we find out which team we’ll be on and what colour we’ll need to wear. Then there’s the joking that goes on at practices before about playing with or against certain people. Lining up for the first jam is always nerve-wracking. I like to be out with the first line-up and be the jammer as quickly as possible. That way I get most of the nerves out of the way. I said most, because I have butterflies every time I line up on the jammer line. Even when we practice starts, I get a little nervous.

In our October scrimmage, I was on the black team. We lost, but we managed to keep it close. I only got one penalty but was also sent off in error once. When I was jammer, I scored points except for once (because I got a penalty). Once I got out of the penalty box, I managed to sneak through the pack before the other team noticed I was out. That was fun.

Our bench coach asked us to partner up when blocking and I got to be with Jess, which is super fun and she reminds me to stay focussed. I was chasing after the other team’s jammer but then not doing anything. I need to either hit them out or stay with my pack. I think next scrimmage, I’ll try being a bit more aggressive. Or maybe it’ll depend on who’s jamming.

We also got some awesome photos and videos. I haven’t watched the entire video yet, but from the bits I’ve seen, I have a lot of things to improve on.

Here are some of my action pictures:

Jamming early in the bout.


Jamming later in the bout, bit more tired.


Chasing the other jammer.

Being chased as the jammer.


And then I fell.


But I got back up



Sneaking through the pack.



October 29, 2012

Hilights of the week- October 28th

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1. Final soccer game of the season. I also got a lovely photo journal at the party. Very touching.

2. New babysitter started on Thursday and I wasn’t late for derby practice.

3. Observed voting in Washington State. It’s way more complicated than I thought, and makes me miss Elections Canada.

4. Pumpkin cupcakes turned out really well.

5. I got to sleep in on Saturday.

6. Downton Abbey Season 3.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

October 22, 2012

Hilights of the week- October 21st

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1. Derby scrimmage pictures and video are up. There are actually pictures of me this month.

2. Two fun morning outings with Henry’s friends. Starting to make our own tribe here.

3.  Nice meeting with E’s teacher and hearing positive things and about her confidence in reading out loud.

4. Disneyland

5. California Adventure

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

October 16, 2012

Hilights of the week- October 14th

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The week started and ended with different visitors, so it was a bittersweet week.

1. Derby scrimmage this weekend. Had lots of fun and was finally able to have my own spectator.

2. Girls road trip to Surrey, with lots of laughs and not so much scenic views.

3. I made a very beautiful tree while being in charge of the preschool art station.

4. People seem to want to be my partner for derby drills.

5. E keeps writing me love notes at bed time and I have to write her return messages on her iPod.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

October 10, 2012

Hilights of the week: Thanksgiving 2012 edition

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This was a great week. My sister and brother-in-law came to visit. We had great weather, explored Seattle neighbourhoods, had lots of good food, and played many board games. But instead of a weekly hilight, here are my top ten things I am thankful for this year.

1. My children.

2. My husband.

3. My family.

4. My friends, new and old.

5. Learning a new skill.

6. Our collective health.

7. Being Canadian.

8. Television on demand.

9. Caffeine, usually in tea or Mexican Coke form.

10. Pie.

October 3, 2012

Backyard injuries and health insurance surprises

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One of the big things we knew would be different when we moved to the USA was the health care system. My husband has a good job with a very large company, and the health insurance plan seems comprehensive. It was a bit confusing having to pick a plan, seeing as how our previous options only focused on the type of hospital room we wanted. Although we have good coverage, my main health plan was to not need to visit a doctor ever while living here.

Unfortunately, the kids didn’t fully get on board with that plan. At the end of August, E hurt her foot playing around in our backyard. I took her to an urgent care clinic and then a few days later to the Children’s Hospital, which should have been our first stop. The Children’s Hospital was great, there was free parking and it’s bright and airy.

We’ve been getting the bills from the insurance company, all has been covered. I think the total cost for the foot injury has been around $2000. And it wasn’t even broken. It’s been interesting seeing these invoices, and getting a copy of the hospital report.

It’s made me appreciate our Canadian health system. We’ve never had a serious illness in Canada, and I understand that the wait times for specialists is very long, but at least there’s never a concern about paying for anything. We’re getting close to the cap of our health care spending allowance, and without our carry-over from last year another injury could result in us having to pay out of pocket.

But the best and most concerning insurance letter arrived yesterday. As E’s injury was a result of an accident, the insurance company has asked for further details so that they can determine if “another party” caused the injury and if they “may be responsible for the cost of your medical care”.

This is a side of private health insurance that I had never considered. Insurance companies want to make sure that they don’t pay if they don’t have to. I wonder if health insurance premiums increase the more claims you make, like car insurance. I’m hoping we don’t have to find out.

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