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October 31, 2012

October scrimmage recap

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I love our monthly scrimmages. A few weeks before we find out which team we’ll be on and what colour we’ll need to wear. Then there’s the joking that goes on at practices before about playing with or against certain people. Lining up for the first jam is always nerve-wracking. I like to be out with the first line-up and be the jammer as quickly as possible. That way I get most of the nerves out of the way. I said most, because I have butterflies every time I line up on the jammer line. Even when we practice starts, I get a little nervous.

In our October scrimmage, I was on the black team. We lost, but we managed to keep it close. I only got one penalty but was also sent off in error once. When I was jammer, I scored points except for once (because I got a penalty). Once I got out of the penalty box, I managed to sneak through the pack before the other team noticed I was out. That was fun.

Our bench coach asked us to partner up when blocking and I got to be with Jess, which is super fun and she reminds me to stay focussed. I was chasing after the other team’s jammer but then not doing anything. I need to either hit them out or stay with my pack. I think next scrimmage, I’ll try being a bit more aggressive. Or maybe it’ll depend on who’s jamming.

We also got some awesome photos and videos. I haven’t watched the entire video yet, but from the bits I’ve seen, I have a lot of things to improve on.

Here are some of my action pictures:

Jamming early in the bout.


Jamming later in the bout, bit more tired.


Chasing the other jammer.

Being chased as the jammer.


And then I fell.


But I got back up



Sneaking through the pack.


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  1. Just saw this! Makes me miss skating with you that much more. At least I get to cheer you on!

    Comment by jess! — November 14, 2012 @ 5:52 pm |Reply

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