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November 30, 2012

Advent Activity Calendar 2012

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We started Andrea’s 25 Days of Christmas last year. It seems even more in need this year, with the non-Christmas weather in Seattle and family far away.

First, we needed a place for our activities to be housed. E and I painted a Christmas tree.


Then she cut out various festive shapes, with cookie cutters as stencils. We all brainstormed ideas, and I wrote them on the back of our ornaments. I numbered each of the items, and sorted out a few scheduling conflicts. H helped me tape up the ornaments, and tomorrow they get to pick the first one.


These are the activities we’ve chosen:

  1. Visit Santa
  2. Write a letter to Santa
  3. Have hot chocolate and a Christmas treat
  4. Put up Snowman
  5. Shopping for our Christmas charities
  6. Make paper snowflakes
  7. Visit Candy Cane Lane
  8. Watch a Christmas movie
  9. Visit Leavenworth’s Christmas village
  10. Make a Christmas ornament
  11. E’s 7th Birthday
  12. Christmas dance party
  13. Snowman craft
  14. Build a gingerbread house
  15. Christmas Boats or Wildlights at the Zoo
  16. See the Seattle Centre Christmas Village
  17. Bake cookies
  18. Make a Christmas card
  19. Deliver cookies to friends
  20. School Christmas concert
  21. FLY HOME
  22. Christmas village at Place D’Orleans
  23. Bake with Grandma
  24. Visit Taffy Lane

November 29, 2012

Kids in the Capital Photo Challenge 7

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H was pretty stoked by his birthday cake.


E on roller skates for the first time. It is very hard to take photos while skating in a dimly lit rink.

Here ‘s the rest of the list:

November 26, 2012

Hilights of the week- November 25th

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1. Took E to the roller rink for the first time. It was so much fun.

2. Thanksgiving with good friends and my first taste of green bean casserole.

3.  Computer generated babies in movies, hilarious and awful.

4. Made traditional sugar pie for the first time. It was so simple and delicious.

5. One month until Christmas! Our tree is up and the decorating has begun.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

November 20, 2012

Suitable television shows

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E is struggling a bit to find television shows that she’s interested in, that aren’t too babyish but that we’ll let her watch. We think it’s important that the characters in the shows talk to each other in ways that we would want her to talk to others. And there are a lot of lippy, rude talking characters on the ‘cool’ shows. It’s also important that the subject matter isn’t too advanced for her. She’s still a little kid and I don’t want her watching shows where the girls are only focused on boys or make-up.

She’s finished the entire run of H2O episodes that Netflix has and Shake it Up. I liked H2O because Australian teen mermaids are very entertaining. The girls weren’t mean to each other and while some of the story lines were a bit complex (needing money to keep a nightclub afloat) there was never anything I worried about. Shake it Up is okay, but sometimes the canned laughter drives me bonkers. In general, the two main girls treat each other well and while they tease the foreign dancers (spoiler alert) they all end up friends in the end.

We nixed Jessie because of the way characters treated each other and because E had no idea what was going on. I’m not really sure what other shows are out there for her age. We’re not going to start watching Hannah Montana. I was hoping to find Lizzie McGuire  or something similar, which led to this conversation

Me: Maybe the Lizzie McGuire show would be good, R really liked it.

Husband: Is that the one with Mike Comrie’s wife?

Me: Yes, Hilary Duff. Most people probably don’t connect her with Mike Comrie.

Him: What about the other one who’s like Hilary Duff but all messed?

Me: Lindsay Lohan, I don’t think she did any tv shows.

Him: Oh good, I don’t think E should watch those.


Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have it so I’ll have to think of other options.



November 18, 2012

Hilights of the week- November 18th

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1. Spending the day shopping with my parents and watching them spoil the kids with love.

2. Going to see a movie with Dan. Skyfall was lots of fun.

3.  Having a derby idol compliment me on learning a new skill.

4. H’s birthday party. New friends, controlled chaos and kids giggling. What a great day.

5. Derby scrimmage. Managed to score 5 points after starting jam in penalty box. Had a lot of fun jamming and blocking today. It was great to skate with new and old friends.

6. Cake pops.

7. I love watching E be goalie for her indoor team.

8. Homemade Chex mix.

9. Having E write me notes at bedtime.

10. Less than 5 weeks until we’re home for Christmas.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.

November 14, 2012

A birthday cake in pictures

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Not an Imperial Star Destroyer


The requested colours.


Final product.

H was very pleased.


A cross-section of deliciousness.

November 13, 2012


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Apparently some people have a hard time making their minds go blank when doing yoga or other relaxation exercises. I don’t really have that issue. When I’m asked what I’m thinking about, I often answer “nothing” and I’m not lying.

I couldn’t think of what to write today. My mind was blank. I think that’s okay. Sometimes just being in the moment is enough.

Or I’m sleeping with my eyes open, hard to tell.

November 12, 2012

Why I shouldn’t try and be fancy

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We went out for dinner last night. The first restaurant had a ridiculously long wait and the second one only had a long wait which turned into a ridiculous long wait. I was tired and hungry by the time we were finally seated. Then the waiter asked for our drink order. I was thinking I’d like lemonade, but that seemed too boring. Instead I thought I’d order half lemonade – half iced tea.

So when the waiter came to me, I said “A Tom Collins please” and thought nothing of it.

The waiter returned with everyone else’s drinks. Then he bent down by me and asked what it was I’d wanted. I was a bit confused as I was pretty sure I’d had it before at the restaurant but maybe the waiter was new. “A Tom Collins, you know half lemonade – half iced tea.” The waiter straightened up, “Oh an Arnold Palmer”

See I should have just stuck with the plain lemonade.


Recipe for a Tom Collins

ce cubes
2 oz. dry gin
2 oz. lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar
soda water
slice of lemon
1 cherry
Place ample ice in large glass. Add gin, lemon juice and syrup. Top up with soda water and stir well. Serve with lemon slice, cherry and a straw


Also, the bartender should have known what a Tom Collins was. I may try ordering it other places just to see what happens.


November 11, 2012

Hilights of the week- November 11th

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1. The new bagel shop location has opened near us.

2. Texts about swiss chard are very entertaining.

3. My parents arrived for the weekend.

4. The boat birthday cake turned out great.

5. H had a wonderful birthday.

What was the hilight of your week? Or just something that made you smile?

Much thanks to Ann for the inspiration.


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You woke up crying in the middle of the night last night, and when I went in to check you asked “Sleep with me” and put your arm around my neck. I climbed in beside you and covered us both up with blankets as you sighed and turned over and went back to sleep. Breathing in your unique sleepiness scent, I contemplated leaving but decided against it. I was your last night as a two-year old and I didn’t want to miss it.

This morning you woke up and you’re three. There are so many wonderful and fun things about you. How you’ve recently discovered thumbs-up and are constantly giving us two thumbs up or ‘big thumbs up’ when it’s something truly remarkable.

How at night, you tell me not to cuddle you but then end up sleeping on my head.

Your mischievous grin when you think you’re doing something funny. The fact that you usually are doing something funny and are getting your friends to follow along.

The way your face lights up when you see your big sister, and how happy you are to join in with the girls on the playground.

When you’re trying to get me to agree with you, how you’ll nod your head and say “that’s a good idea, isn’t it” even if it’s not. I think it’s great, that you negotiate with us and I’ll often agree because of your compelling argument and utter adorableness.

Your memory for events and people astonishes me. I should learn to trust it more and you should learn to trust my directional abilities as well.

The three years you’ve been in our lives have been three wonderful fun-filled years, but there have been challenges. And I’m sure there will be more as you continue to grow and assert your independence. Your tenacity and focus will serve you well.

I LOVE YOU H, Happy Birthday.

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