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November 6, 2012

Preschool learnings for parents

Filed under: Kids,Learning — by Alison @ 8:46 pm

I attend a co-op preschool with H. We’re assigned a ‘work day’ one day a week, and there are about 7 stations we could be responsible for. The other parents are floaters and go where they are needed. There are usually a couple other adults (parents or grandparents) around on their off days, which results in a greater than 2:1 ratio. The teacher supports a very child directed approach. If the child doesn’t want to wear a coat, it’s not an issue. We don’t force sharing but rather tell the child that their friend would like the toy. Then it’s up to the kid to decide if that’s important to them, sometimes it is, other times it’s not.

It’s taken some adjustment for a few of us, but when the parents are all aware it works really well. Take today for example. One little girl was taking a really long time with snack. All the other kids were outside and she was still grazing on peas, cheese and cheerios. The parent watching her table seemed at a loss. She wanted to go outside but didn’t want to leave the last child behind. As there were already two adults in the classroom tidying up, we decided to let the little girl eat at her own pace and clean around her. The little girl finished up a few minutes later, and then happily went outside. There were no unnecessary power struggles and everyone ended up happy.

It was a great reminder. This kids are enjoying what they are doing in the moment and do not need our arbitrary time constraints to rush them along. I’m hoping I can apply this to more of our daily interactions.

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