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November 20, 2012

Suitable television shows

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E is struggling a bit to find television shows that she’s interested in, that aren’t too babyish but that we’ll let her watch. We think it’s important that the characters in the shows talk to each other in ways that we would want her to talk to others. And there are a lot of lippy, rude talking characters on the ‘cool’ shows. It’s also important that the subject matter isn’t too advanced for her. She’s still a little kid and I don’t want her watching shows where the girls are only focused on boys or make-up.

She’s finished the entire run of H2O episodes that Netflix has and Shake it Up. I liked H2O because Australian teen mermaids are very entertaining. The girls weren’t mean to each other and while some of the story lines were a bit complex (needing money to keep a nightclub afloat) there was never anything I worried about. Shake it Up is okay, but sometimes the canned laughter drives me bonkers. In general, the two main girls treat each other well and while they tease the foreign dancers (spoiler alert) they all end up friends in the end.

We nixed Jessie because of the way characters treated each other and because E had no idea what was going on. I’m not really sure what other shows are out there for her age. We’re not going to start watching Hannah Montana. I was hoping to find Lizzie McGuire  or something similar, which led to this conversation

Me: Maybe the Lizzie McGuire show would be good, R really liked it.

Husband: Is that the one with Mike Comrie’s wife?

Me: Yes, Hilary Duff. Most people probably don’t connect her with Mike Comrie.

Him: What about the other one who’s like Hilary Duff but all messed?

Me: Lindsay Lohan, I don’t think she did any tv shows.

Him: Oh good, I don’t think E should watch those.


Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have it so I’ll have to think of other options.



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  1. We like Good Luck Charlie – it can be a little “datey” at times (the teenage daughter has an on-again, off-again boyfriend, no kissing or anything though). I think it’s funny and I like the fact that the parents are very involved on the show – it shows the whole family and how they interact. And of course, it always comes out to a happy ending.

    Watching Good Luck Charlie has me thinking these days about The Cosby Show. Do you think it would still hold up after all these years? I wonder.

    Comment by Lynn — November 30, 2012 @ 8:30 am |Reply

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